Wednesday, November 7, 2012

on the aftermath and comfort food

where the boardwalk was and is no longer

where the boardwalk is and should not be

a week of losses (Sandy). and wins (Obama). a million feelings surging like the sea. my sister's pictures washed away*. just things. the memories remain. efforts at relief alleviate but the rancor of poverty and racism insidious as mold taints our battered city.
100's of sandwiches 

the sanctuary fosters a new kind of prayer
made by 100's of hands
in the Ballroom at Temple Beth Elohim 
meanwhile we cast our votes 
then gathered with covered dishes to wait out the storm.
by chance, all the food, 
so comforting, 
was colorless.

mushroom risotto,  lentils, cauliflower and noodle casserole,
potato and turnip gratin. there were pies too- all the same golden
hue- pumpkin, quiche lorraine, almond and apricot tart 

election day cake
* my sister's house in the rockaways was inundated with 4+' of sea water. papers, photos, books and more were lost. at present the house is uninhabitable because of mold and damaged windows and doors, etc. my niece who has been living there is "homeless" though she is safely ensconced with friends and work on house repair has begun. to date, three weeks later, there still is no power on the peninsula. i've continued working at the "emergency kitchen" at the temple... we're putting out 600+ sandwiches and 250 hot meals each day. Obama is still the president! phew.

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