Thursday, February 14, 2013

poetry soup

A few Sundays ago I hosted what I hope will be a monthly event from here forward-- a pot-luck gathering of friends and friends of friends for an evening of sharing poems. Its a simple idea- one that you too can try at home- which is why I'm posting this- to encourage you! Try this.
The host makes a pot of soup, the guests bring a dish that goes with soup andpoEm to share.
Minestrone: one pot with chicken stock, one pot with vegetable stock.
Stir pesto and grated cheese into your own bowlful.
I can barely find words to describe how inordinately happy to be participating everyone was. To eat rich soup and homemade bread. To sit in a circle and read and be read to.  The whole becomes greater than the parts.

One ridiculously thrilling moment was when Mahmound recited two
Tony Hoagland poems right out of his head. Imagine: all those things and numbers and worries and tales- and still having room for a string of someone else's words. And I'd never heard of Mr. Hoagland before and now he's a new favorite poet. We had a sprinkling of ancients, a bit of Yeats, Baudelaire in French, rhyming couplets, and a local original. And then we had the delicious Lemon Ricotta cookies Sue's brought to share.  Next scheduled poetry soup is for Feb. 24. 6:00pm.

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